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Should I Fix or Sell: Benefits to Selling a House As-Is

Guest Blogger: Talia Spero

When you have decided to move on – whether you are upsizing or downsizing, accepting a spectacular job in a different city, or are craving a fresh start – think about what you really need to do to get your home market-ready. Although you may be tempted to go into renovation mode, you might be better off selling your house as-is. This decision is even easier to make when you follow our tips on simplifying your home selling process.

Anything that affects the home’s operation such as a leaky roof, a broken furnace, plumbing, and electrical fixes, needs to be repaired. These are all things sellers are legally obligated to disclose. 

Here are some things to consider before making a decision.

Renovation ROI may not be there

Most home renovations don’t pay off instantly. Complete kitchen and bathroom renovations add the most value to your home but also can be very expensive and cause the most disruption. If these renovations haven’t been done already, don’t start now. Focus on making sure your existing selling features of the home are in great shape. 

Clean is more important than new  

There’s nothing more cringe-worthy than the sight of someone else’s dirt or evidence of hard usage. Smudged walls, torn carpet, ratty towels, and appliances with handprints all over are small things that unpleasantly remind potential buyers that other people use this home. This is why cleaning and staging your home can be so beneficial. You want buyers to be able to picture themselves living in your home.

Keep up with the Joneses, but don’t be the Joneses

While it may be your dream to own a home with a pool or hot tub, it may not be someone else’s. The same goes for other “over the top” features/rooms. Those renovations may have no appeal to a family with an opposite lifestyle from yours. Don’t be the house that is too expensive for the neighborhood. This may cause your house to be overpriced compared to the other houses in the neighborhood. You could end up taking a huge loss as a result.

Curb appeal starts on the outside, not the inside

All the energy you spend on your interior renovations will be pointless if you forget about the exterior of your home. Now is the time to get rid of all the bikes your kids have outgrown, re-seed those patches of lawn where the grass is dead, and create a welcoming image. Check out our 4 tips on how to freshen up your curb appeal!

Living in a renovation zone is stressful

If you’re fortunate enough to own a large home with a spare bedroom and multiple bathrooms, renovating may not be quite as challenging as it is for those in smaller spaces. Living in a home with a major kitchen or bathroom renovations can be hectic, loud, and messy, especially when you won’t be the one benefiting in the end. Before you put in thousands of dollars on a brand new kitchen transformation, consider painting or replacing cabinets. 

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