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6 Simple House Renovations That Will Attract Buyers

Everybody wants to sell their house for the best price possible and under the best possible conditions. But it's also important for the house to be well-preserved when you sell so that avoid any potential problems with the buyers later on. Last but not least - you also need to find a way to attract buyers in the first place. So, which simple house renovations will do all of that?

1. Improve the entryway

This is the first thing a buyer sees when they approach the house. It says a lot about what they will see inside. So, simple tricks will definitely make a good impression, including repainting the front door and mowing the lawn. A nice welcome mat and a couple of carefully placed light fixtures will make the front porch inviting. Add a couple of potted plants around and you'll have a simple, yet sweet-looking entryway. Optionally, you can always decorate the whole front yard to really create a wow-effect.

2. Replace the floors

The floors are one of the first things that a buyer notices when they enter a house. Replacing them would be a great investment as it will instantly raise the value of the house. You could opt for hardwood flooring or tile. On the other hand, high-quality carpeting will also do the trick.

You don't have to spend a lot of money on this improvement. Some materials look really attractive even though they were really cheap to buy. Also, if you tear out the old flooring by yourself, that will save you some extra money.

3. The roof

A quality roof is something that a well-trained eye will spot in a second. So, make sure all the broken tiles and shingles are repaired or replaced, and the rest of them are put back into their places. The roof needs to be thoroughly inspected for any leaks. Otherwise, the leaks could cause serious damage up in the attic. The gutters need to be secured and cleaned. 

Be careful - many homeowners forget about their own safety when doing roof maintenance. They don't consult companies like Universal Mobile Tower Hire, which provides them with a mobile platform that prevents you from falling down while cleaning the gutters.

4. The kitchen

Being the heart of every home, a kitchen leaves a big impression on any buyer. If possible, the kitchen should be positioned in the center of the home so that everybody can easily gather around it.

Enough storage space is very important, so make sure you have room for oddly-shaped objects like serving platter and chopping boards. The look of cupboards and drawers is important - you don't have to replace them completely, but a fresh coat of paint, a new handle or a knob will update the whole item. Also, make sure that they are all functional. If possible, install the overhead cabinets to the ceiling so that there's no need to dust the upper surface. In case you want to add an additional surface, a butler's pantry would amaze the buyers.

5. The bathroom

Another important room in your home. It needs to look clean, well-maintained, and modern. Fix the leaks and add a new layer of paint, making sure there are no signs of mold. A big and well-lit mirror will come in handy, as well as high-level storage for towels and hygiene products. Another smart investment would be heated towel rails, especially if it's a family home. They will prevent damp towels from becoming smelly, especially when there are a couple of family members.

6. The inner walls

Walls are what make a room, so make sure they are not outdated and dirty. A fresh layer of paint doesn't cost a lot but it does wonders for a room. You don't know what kind of buyer you'll come across, so don't go for bold colors. Instead, stick with the neutral ones, like beige, light grey or egg white. They open up space and are easily combined with everything else in the room.

Final comment

A couple of these home improvements will definitely make sure your home is safe and modern. The more time you invest in the improvements, the easier you will sell your house, and at the better price as well.


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